Alexandra Pentaraki


Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary


Research supervisor & Teaching Online My PhD focused on Theory of Mind abilities, neuropsychological function and evoked related potentials as promising endophenotypes of schizophrenia. I have been invited to present my work in international conferences and I have been awarded a travel grant and a Young Research Award for my research (please refer to my CV). My research expertise also includes a particular developmental mechanism such as Theory of Mind that is essential for understanding other people’s social perceptions and function in the social milieu. I have not only assessed this developmental mechanism in children with our without typical development, but I have also translated and edited Theory of Mind Tests from English into the Greek language. As a registered expert witness in courts I also use Theory of Mind Assessments with children with typical and atypical development as a part of my assessment for child abuse & neglect. My main teaching interests are abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, child development, biopsychology, personality, social psychology, eclectic therapy. I am very comfortable teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. My academic training and clinical experience led me to develop strong research, analytical, editing and writing skills. Specifically, these personal competences are exemplified in my teaching, research, writing and clinical work. I have worked as a Honorary Lecturer of Applied Psychology (MSc, Online) at the University of Liverpool/Laureate (UoL) and as a faculty member of the Psychology Programme (Online) at The University of Roehampton (UoR) and University of Essex (Online BSc in psychology & in the MSc in Public Health). I taught BSc, MSc students and supervised their research. I am particularly interested in teaching and supervising students’ dissertations and theses that can lead to high quality publications. I have a good experience in class organization, teaching record and delivering projects on time. I have also taught undergraduate students (BSc) onsite at CITY College, an affiliated institution of The University of Sheffield. I have an excellent experience in organizing and co-ordinating research teams that involve the collaboration of researchers, clinicians and academics. This is exemplified in my work at the IoPPN, Fulbourn Hospital, Aristotle University, Hippocration General Hospital, University of Athens, The Cochrane Collaboration whereas I have organized many research projects and collaborated with many professionals in order to set up and run the studies. My role entailed the monitoring and support of people that are involved in such long-term and demanding projects.

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