Chekkie kauntze

BSc, DCPsych, UKCP Reg, CPsychol, HCPC registered practitioner psychologist, BACP accredited

NSPC Roles
Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary,
Approved Therapists


DCPsych, CPsychol, HCPC registered practitioner psychologist, BACP accredited, UKCP accredited

Roles: Research Supervisor, Teacher

Chekkie is a secondary research supervisor for doctoral students and primary research supervisor for masters' students. 

Chekkie has a private practice and is a Clinical Supervisor at EASE Wellbeing.. Chekkie graduated with a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy from NSPC, before this she did a Foundation at Regent’s College.

Chekkie’s research interests include; client experiences of therapy, short-term existential therapy, therapy in NHS settings, eating disorders, psychosomatic illnesses and living with chronic pain or illnesses such as CFS, self and identity, anxiety and trauma-related research.

Chekkie has experience using IIPA methodology.

Chekkie completed her doctoral research on the clients’ experience of an existential short term intervention in a primary care setting. She successfully gained NHS ethical approval and therefore would be well-positioned to assist others hoping to achieve this. 

Publications include:

The Existential Experimentation Intervention, Two Case Studies: Existential-Experimentation-an-exploration-of-two-clients-relating-to-the-theme-of-ŒNaked-and-Dangerous

Existential Experimentation: ExistentialAnalysisJournal28.1.January2017-2

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