Marina Malthouse


Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary


Dr Marina Malthouse MBBS, DipPallMed, MA MedHum, EdD Narrative Inquiry [email protected] I have been with the NSPC since August 2018 as a moderator of assignments, marking Masters dissertations, a Masters level research supervisor and more latterly as a doctoral research supervisor. I am an internal examiner for the DPsych. I have availability most of the time. Formerly, I was a medical doctor for 33 years, specialising in palliative medicine to care for people (and their families) with life-threatening illnesses. My doctoral research was a Narrative Inquiry, exploring personal experiences of death and dying in the lives of junior doctors using narrative research methodologies. After retiring from clinical medicine in 2015, I have also maintained associations with Cardiff University Palliative Medicine marking MSc dissertations and occasional MSc Supervision. My academic interests in qualitative research include: narrative research methods (narrative interviewing, auto-ethnography, writing as a method of inquiry, narrative inquiry, narrative analysis, collective biography); behaviours around dying (and whilst being around someone who is dying); how death affects meaning in life; and education theory. Relevant publications Malthouse M (2007) Narratives in Specialist Palliative Medicine. Journal Med Ethics; Medical Humanities 33: 81-86 Malthouse M (2011) An autoethnography on shifting relationships between a daughter, her mother and Alzheimer’s dementia (in any order). Dementia 10(2) 249–256 Gale K, Gallant M, Gannon S, Kirkpatrick D, Malthouse M, Percy M, Perrier M, Porter S, Rippin A, Sakellariadis A, Speedy J, Wyatt J and Wyatt T (2013) Inquiring into Red/Red Inquiring. Humanities 2, 253–277 Page M, Brown L, Donaldson M, Filer J, Liebmann M, Malthouse M, Plumb K, Sakellariadis A, Speedy J, Walls A (expected print date Sept 2020) Making Meaning of Life Changing Events: a Collaborative Inquiry. Eds: Jane Speedy and Jonathan Wyatt. Collaborative Artful Inquiry Spaces. Routledge Malthouse M (2019) There is no ‘I’ without ‘we’ in palliative care. Journal of Holistic Healthcare 16:(2) 37-41

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