Niklas Serning

Therapy, DPsych, BSc, MSc, CPsychol, HCPC registered practitioner psychologist

NSPC Roles
Research Supervisor: Primary Doctoral Supervisors,
Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary,
Clinical Supervisor,
Approved Therapists


I supervise practitioners from a range of areas - social workers, psychologists, coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists, disaster relief managers and officers. The way I supervise is similar to how I work with clients. It is not about me identifying what is actually going on for the client, nor about finding where the therapist has 'gone wrong'. Instead, supervision is a fertile space where the therapist can let their feelings and thoughts roam free, where unformed hunches can be spoken and take shape. It is also a place of nurture and solace for the therapist, allowing them to acknowledge impact and rejoice with movement - psychotherapy can become an isolated job sometimes.

I have extensive experience in working therapeutically with psychedelics, I'm trained in couples therapy, and am a registered (UKCP) child psychotherapist (in addition to the NSPC psychologist and psychotherapist qualifications. I graduated from NSPC in 2011 as Emmy's first doctor from the DCPsych ;-)

In addition to psychotherapy, I work with organisations, companies and military units in different parts of the world. I have a systemic and existential angle on things.

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