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We are always looking for new teachers, but we are especially interested in teachers with expertise in the existential approach and with a solid understanding of Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, Edith Stein, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Maurice Merleau-Ponty.  We can offer free, in-house training to teachers who wish to acquire knowledge of these philosophers and skills in the application of their work to psychotherapy and counselling psychology.   

Teaching Coordinator

We are currently looking to appoint a Teaching Coordinator with an expected start date of 1st February 2022. 

Title of Post:  Teaching Coordinator

Hours: 1.5 days per week

Responsible to: Academic Director, Principal and Deputy Principal       

Salary per annum: Grade 7 £11,461 to £13,160  (Pro rata  £38,206 to £43,867)

Expected starting date:   1st   February 2022

Hours of work

We encourage home-working and provide our staff with access to documents on their work computers and on our servers from home. Subject to successful management arrangements and the employee having suitable IT facilities, including a good broadband speed at home, up to 80% of the hours of work could be performed at home.


  • A masters degree in a related subject
  • A teaching qualification and/or training in andragogy and teaching methods (teaching qualification is preferable but not essential)
  • Expertise in using all of the programs in the Microsoft Office suite
  • Experience of video-based teaching
  • Participation in at least one online course using Moodle (as a tutor or a student)
  • Familiarity with and interest in the professions of psychotherapy and counselling
  • Some knowledge of and interest in the existential approach
  • Experience in supporting and managing students in higher education


  • Attend meetings as required, including the teaching committee, Boards of Studies, the senior staff committee, the academic team and teaching allocation meetings.
  • Take minutes at the academic team meetings and update the action point table.
  • Promote and engage with inclusive, student centred and peer supportive teaching and learning methods.
  • Maintain quality assurance and teaching and learning enhancement practices. 
  • Further develop and administer the teacher and supervisor development programme, including workshops and guides as well as disseminating pedagogic research in collaboration with other members of the teaching committee and the academic team and with the research and the clinical coordinators.
  • Organise and manage the peer review system.
  • Conduct inductions for new teachers and tutors.
  • Monitor feedback on teaching and report on any issues arising to the academic team for consideration at the teaching allocation meeting and identify areas for further training.
  • Manage in-service support and training for existing teachers.
  • Feedback developments at NSPC to teachers and tutors that arise through the Board of Studies, teaching committee and senior staff meeting.  To include policy and procedure updates, quality assurance, areas of improvement and examples of best practice.
  • Support the academic team in developing learning and teaching strategies


  • You may be asked to attend fairs, congresses, or other events for recruitment purposes.
  • You will be joining an active and committed team and as such you will be required to cover essential roles if another member of the team is absent.
  • You will be flexible about taking on roles that are commensurate with your terms of employment if these are proposed by one of the managers.
  • You will look after the environment and culture of the college, which includes being courteous and helpful to all users of the building; giving timely feedback on matters that might need action such as potential improvements to our websites, our communication methods, the fabric of the building or any other issues that pertain to recruitment, to our reputation, and to the wellbeing of all the users of the building.
  • You will produce timely and accurate reports at the request of the directors, attend meetings regularly, and take minutes if you are requested to do so.

Person specification

  • The successful candidate must be able to work well in a small and cohesive team, in which many tasks are shared between academic and administrative staff.
  • They must be able to be diplomatic and supportive when dealing with students and staff, who may sometimes be emotional.
  • They must be able to demonstrate experience of successful team working.
  • They must have the aptitude to learn to use our bespoke student management system.

The application deadline is 18th January 2022 with interviews taking place on 24th January 2022.  To apply, please complete our online application.  If you have any questions regarding the role or the application process, please email

Research Supervisor

Doctorate and Masters Research Supervisors sought for a range of courses in Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Coaching, Diversity, Pastoral Care and Autism.

Salary:  £50 per hour

The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling is looking to recruit research supervisors for students studying on our innovative, accredited, masters and doctoral courses. 

Supervisors should have a relevant qualification at or above the level of the course they are supervising on; have knowledge and experience of qualitative and/or quantitative research methods; understand how to create and maintain excellent supervisory relationships; and have publications of their own in appropriate journals. 

Supervision is offered face-to-face or online and also involves reading and commenting on written work. Primary supervisors for doctoral projects offer 5 hours of supervision per term for 9 terms and secondary supervisors 12 hours in total throughout the research journey.  Supervisors for masters projects offer 6 hours of supervision per term.  Supervisors who have guided at least two students to successful completion, can become primary supervisors.

We provide a short training in how to manage supervision at NSPC and you will be joining an international community of academics, working with a diverse student researching a wide range of topics.  Complementary training in research methods and the existential approach can be provided and there may also be opportunities to join our teaching team. 

Salary:  £50 per hour

(Supervisors are independent consultants, not directly employed by NSPC.)

Applications should be made via the faculty page on this website  Informal enquiries can be directed to our Research Coordinator, Dr Susan Iacovou:

Clinical Supervisor

Most of our students are undergoing training in the practice of counselling psychology, or psychotherapy.  Our student body is expanding and we are therefore always on the look out for qualified existential therapists who have training or well-established experience in clinical supervision.   For those otherwise qualified who are not yet familiar with the existential approach to therapy, we can offer complimentary, in-house training.  Click the link to apply. 

Approved NSPC training therapist

We are developing a register of approved existential therapists that we can recommend to our students who are looking for therapists in order to meet their required personal therapy hours. If you are interested in being considered for approval, are a fully trained psychotherapist, and practice existentially we welcome an application from you.  Click the logo on the right to apply.

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