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NSPC is the foremost higher education college applying existential ideas to its courses and its approach to student support.  Study with us if you share our vision for the future: greater opportunity for each of us to make the choices we value and carry them through.

Emmy van Deurzen

A word from our Founder and Director

Society Existential Analysis Bursary

2nd May '24

Please read this article if you are interested in applying for the SEA fund for your studies for next term.

Congratulations to Claire Arnold-Baker, Simon Wharne and Nancy Hakim-Dowek

29th Apr '24

We are pleased to announce that Simon Wharne, Claire Arnold-Baker and Nancy Hakim Dowek have published an article recently.

Join Andrew Copson (CEO of Humanists UK) for discussion "Humanism and Social Justice: Empowering Change" Online 30th April 5-6.30pm

9th Apr '24

Join Andrew Copson (CEO of Humanists UK) as he discusses the historical influence of Humanists and Humanism on social change and it's relevance to present-day challenges.