Hanan Al-Khulaqi


Assistant Registrar


I chose my undergraduate degree (Business Management) with this career in mind and I am particularly interested in the management element of the education field. As a result, when considering the right master course for me I saw myself drifting towards Education at the Institute of Education at University College London. I am now in my final semester and expecting to achieve a 2.1. My favourite modules on the course were on understanding research, communicating knowledge and the purpose of education. They particularly developed my research, analytical and presentation skills which led me to base my thesis on the extent in which student asylum seekers are recognised and supported in the UK secondary schooling system. In the final year of my undergraduate degree I dedicated some of my time to the student union in which I advocated for a handful of causes that my peers and colleagues felt was necessary including later hours at the university library and more one-to-one support meetings. Being a part of the union was very rewarding for me personally as I saw first-hand the power speaking up had. I worked as a GCSEs English Language and Literature Tutor for students that were placed in alternative provision and SEN student. I worked part-time at Quality in Tutoring while studying. This provided me with excellent insight into the day to day operations of an academy (secondary school) and the way the exclusion system works from the governments input all the way to the school and the students being placed in a range of different programs for different reasons. I’ve learned the importance of good reporting and communication as well as developing my teamwork and problem solving skills. I was awarded employee of the month in June 2019 and in February 2020 for exceeding sales targets (and received a bonus as a result). On my Education Ma course I learnt and developed a range of different skills, different to that of pre-pandemic students. As, my studying experience is fairly different I have learnt how to adapt to online teaching and zoom meetings. As a result I saw myself working harder than I have in my undergraduate degree, dedicating more time to research with the aim of increasing my understanding and interpretation of Education. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely, Hanan S Al-Khulaqi (Education Masters Student UCL)

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