Martin Adams

BSc, MA, PhD, UKCP Reg, BACP accredited



Martin is an Existential Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and Lecturer. He has written on many subjects and he is co-editor of the professional journal Existential Analysis. He has worked at the NSPC since 1997. Recent publications include 2019 World Handbook of Existential Therapy. Chapter, co-written with H. Hayes: Existential-Phenomenological therapy: Philosophy and Theory. Chapter, Existential-Phenomenological therapy: Method and Practice. 2019 Simone de Beauvoir: existential philosophy and living with change. Existential Analysis 30.1 2018 Chapter: in Case Studies in Existential Therapy, ed S. Du Plock. Wiley 2018 An Existential Approach to Human Development: Philosophical and Therapeutic Perspectives. London: Palgrave. 2018 Windows on our inner and outer worlds; how do psychologists own artistic creations reflect their internal lives and approach to therapy. The Psychologist 2016 Skills in Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy 2nd edition (with E. van Deurzen) Sage

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