Oliver Thorne

NSPC Roles
Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary,


Hello, I'm available as an MA (primary) and Doctoral (secondary) supervisor.

I am happy to work with trainee coaches, pastoral carers and therapists. I am especially interested in literature reviews and dissertations, having supervised several postgraduate and independent projects. 

My academic background is in comparative religion and philosophy. I wrote my MA dissertation on 'The mother-son relation in Freud and Irigaray' and my Ph.D was a comparison of the transformational practices of Luce Irigaray (Yoga) and Nishitani Keiji (Zen).  

I have nearly twenty years of experience in teaching the transformational practices of yoga, aikido and meditation. I am also certificated in Gestalt Therapy and Person Centred Counselling. 

I am especially interested in Cross-cultural therapy/coaching/carer projects, Comparative philosophy and religion (Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism, Zen and Japanese philosophy), Philosophy as a way of life (Ancient philosophy), Existentialism, Postcolonialism, and Psychoanalytic theory including psychoanalytic feminism

I am also interested in the field of green psychology and ecotherapy. Work on embodiment and bodily practices are also of interest, as well as the counter-culture and human potential movements.

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