Bettina Riese-Stott

BSc, MSc

NSPC Roles
Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary,


I have twenty years experience of working with adults with Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD; including ASD, ADHD, ID) and associated mental health issues. My current job is focused on assessment and identification (diagnosis) of NDD, as well as further assessment of the with complex needs. I am currently undertaking a research project in ASD and Covid. The research is in questionnaire format and the questions were developed with input from the group of autistic women support. I am passionate about NDD service development, which was the topic of my masters dissertation. I have developed training courses for parents and partners of autistic adults and am currently developing resources for those who have been newly identified as autistic. I am planning to undertake more research into the impact pf psycho-education on perceived autistic quality of life.

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