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World Humanist Day

21st Jun '22

World Humanist Day [21st June] is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on our own worldviews.Written By Elizabeth Young

End of Year Event (Online)

20th Jun '22

End of Year Event (Online) 11th July 2022

Pride and Shame

6th Jun '22

Pride and ShameDr Phoebus Ebbini


6th Jun '22

One cannot say everything at once. (R.D. Laing, Preface, The Divided Self)When I was asked to write a piece on “LGBTQ+ issues in therapy”, to be honest, I bristled a bit...

Virtual Open Day

26th May '22

Virtual Open Day on the 29/06/22 from 1pm - 2pm.

Mental Health Awareness Week: All the Lonely People

9th May '22

All the Lonely PeopleWritten by Neil Gibson Clinical Coordinator

Mental Health Awareness Week

9th May '22

Mental Health Awareness Week – Monday 9 May to Sunday 15 May 2022

Mental Health Week

9th May '22

Loneliness: thinking about it existentiallyWritten by Elizabeth young - Course Leader for the Pastoral Care

FETE Conference 2022

25th Apr '22

Find out more about the 4th European Conference for Existential Therapy this May

Emotional Support Service for those affected by the Ukraine War

31st Mar '22

The Existential Academy is running an "Emotional Support Service for those affected by the Ukraine War" Click below for further information

Autistic Joy

28th Mar '22

Learn about Autistic Joy from #actuallyautistic people

Existentialism and Autism

28th Mar '22

A few ponderings on existentialism and autism