Our Library

Access the Library Catalogue here.

NSPC LibraryThe NSPC maintains a small dedicated library of over 2,000 books for the use of staff and students. It aims to provide access to all the resources necessary to support the variety of courses and guarantees to stock at least one copy of all required reading.

The library also subscribes to twelve of the most relevant journals and receives copies of various other interesting titles from staff members.

The library is available to use during regular NSPC office hours, Monday to Saturday. It is kept locked when the Librarian is absent but the key can be requested from the office. The Librarian works 9:00- 17:00 on Saturdays. 

You can contact the Librarian by emailing [email protected]. If your query requires an urgent response, please contact the NSPC office. 

Using the Library

NSPC LibraryStudents are welcome to use the library for private or group study. There is a computer available to access the Library Catalogue as well as a number of power points in the floor for personal laptops and devices.

If the Librarian is absent, students MUST  inform a member of office staff that they wish to use the library AND if they are borrowing / renewing books. All books leaving the library MUST be checked out by an administrator or removing them may be considered theft and subject to disciplinary procedures. 

No bags are to be taken into the library. These can be left outside or in the office opposite.

Food and drink (other than bottled water) is not to be taken into the library.

Borrowing / Renewing

Students may borrow 3 books for up to 2 weeks. Books can be renewed for a further two weeks by email as long as the request is made before the due date. You will receive an email a few days before the due date reminding you to return the books or request their renewal. You will also receive an email prompting you to return the books if they are overdue - overdue books cannot be renewed and must be returned as soon as possible to the library with any outstanding fines paid. 


Books can either be returned directly to the Library or administrative staff. Students are also welcome to return books by recorded delivery, provided they allow sufficient time for delivery and inform an administrator once the book is sent. Late books are charged at 50p per day per item. If a book is more than one month overdue it will be deemed lost and the borrower invoiced for the replacement.

Copyright and Photocopying

You are allowed to photocopy no more than 10% of a book or journal, or one chapter or article of a book. The cost of photocopying is 10p per page, and can be done in the main office of NSPC.