The Existential Research Academy

NSPC is a member organization in the Existential Research Acdemy (ERA) convened by our sister organization, ERA.  FOr more information, have a look at the ERA home page here.

Research Opportunities

Our masters and doctoral students produce a wealth of new knowledge in their dissertations (there is a list here).  They are supported by a network of experienced research supervisors who are themselves active researchers in a wide range of fields.

Our Research Supervisors

Have a look at our current supervisors in the  faculty list

Our core staff focus on these areas:

  • Claire Arnold-Baker: Motherhood
  • Emmy van Deurzen: therapeutic processes unique to existential therapy
  • Digby Tantam: reflexive non-verbal communication; autism; Simone de Beauvoir and Edith Stein; existential therapy in groups
  • Simon Wharne: trauma and post-traumatic growth
  • Ruth Millman: Neurodivergence, lived experience and support for LGBTQIA people, neurodivrgence informed therapy and coaching
  • Danny van Deurzen-Smith: Neurodivergence, existential coaching, gaming, creativity