Distance Learning at NSPC

A long way away from a teaching centre?  Living outside the UK? Office hours filled up with work?  Unpredictable family responsibilities mean that regular attendance at classes is unrealistic?  Travel stressful or onerous?  Just want to be flexible in your hours?

Online learning may be the answer and NSPC has been developing online learning since the turn of the millenium (2000).  Most of our courses are now delivered online using our own videochat space (TheTherapy.Space, powered by Zoom) or via NSPCOnline (powered by Zoom and Moodle).  During the COVID pandemic all of our courses have been wholly online, but we have modified our structure for our doctoral programmes, the MA in Existential Coaching and the MA in Pastoral Care so that skills training and experiential units will be taught in-person skills with the remaining units taught online.  Other courses will remain wholly online, including the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, the MA in Diversity Studies, and the MSc in Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  

Our online learning is always supported by small tutorial group participation via discussion forums and zoom seminars.  This creates a peer group to ensure that learning is a collaborative and not a lonely activity.

Online supervision

NSPC's sister company Ask-the-therapist Ltd has been developing a secure, online videochat environment  (TheTherapy.Space powered by Zoom) for therapy and therapy supervision since 2006.  It is now used regularly by our supervisors and doctoral students, providing them with a video and audio conferencing facility plus a text chat that can be useful for those with reduced bandwidth.  TheTherapy.Space is also used by Dilemma Consultancy for online therapy.