What is Pastoral Care?

by Dr Elizabeth Young, Course Leader MA in Existential and Humanist Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a model of emotional, social and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. It is inclusive of people from any worldview, belief system or religion.

Here at NSPC the model for pastoral care is contemporary and reflective of modern societies with diverse populations, social injustices and individuals struggling to come to terms with their lives.

It is based in existential and humanist philosophy, both theoretical and practical. It is about listening and supporting, often vulnerable people, to access their inner worlds and find ways themselves to face the uncertainties and dilemmas in life and the challenges of facing mortality.

It is also about celebration, joy and ritual - having the privilege of being alongside people who are marking different rites of passage in their own ways.

The MA; PG Dip. And PG Cert qualifications are all routes into spiritual health care/chaplaincy teams in hospitals, hospices, higher education the armed forces and many other opportunities in communities.