Stronger in Diversity

NSPC and its sister companies, Existential Academy, Dilemma Consultancy, and Ask the Therapist, have been strengthened by welcoming a diverse staff and student group.  We know that when diverse people and communities work together in harmony they are strong. 

Having shared values is one of the foundations of harmonious working, and those of us working in our companies, studying with us, or benefitting from the therapy and coaching that we offer share existential values of compassion, faith in the human ability to transcend our immediate personal situation, and remain detemined despite the anxiety that pulls us into survival mode.

We aim to go even further towards our aim of finding ourselves stronger in diversity.  We will continue to:

  • Foster individual and organisational dialogue to build respect, dignity, and fairness 
  • Respond positively to the different needs of our local community, our students and staff, and our clients needs and take account of the individual circumstances to enable them to achieve the goals that took them to our services
  • Be mindful of the strength that can come from different perspectives, ideas, experiences, values and beliefs if combined in harmony
  • Not discriminating against members of our community because of their age, disability, health status, gender, sexuality, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, or religion.
  • Providing opportunites to take in the diversity of human experience through dialogue, and assisted by philosophical and research

We realize that simply learning about others ways of being human does not necessarily change any hostility or envy of these other ways.  Negativity about other-ness counteracts the benefits of diversity.  We are only too aware of the conflicts over gender change, differing sexual orientations, ethnic and religious differences, and even between different generations.

NSPC has therefore designed a new course, the MA in Diversity Studies, to consider not just the range of successful identities that human beings may adopt, but why these may become flashpoints for social conflict,  persecution, or bullying.

In addition to this important initiative,  NSPC has a diversity committee, reporting to the managers of NSPC, advising about ways that NSPC can support diverse students and staff.  Members of the diversity committee have been working on the syllabus to increase representation of important theorists who have been neglected because they do not belong to the majority (these initiatives are often term ‘decolonializing’ but not all of these voices originate in colonies).

NSPC held its first ‘Diversity Day’ with guest speakers focusing on some of the flashpoints of the struggle to respect diversity.

NSPC provides regular training to staff on responding to the needs of  neurodiverse student.

The Existential Academy sponsors the Society of Psychotherapy which hosts monthly evening seminars on topics that include issues of diversity from professional experts and experts by experience.  The  Existential Academy also provides short courses and longer certificate bearing courses on Gender and Sexuality, Aging and Disabilty, and Ethnicity, Race, and Religion.  The materials have all been written by psychologists or psychotherapists with a particular interest in the topic and are reviewed and amended following consultation with experts by experience.