Ukraine fundraiser - Emmy van Deurzen "Widening the human horizon to go beyond crisis" (online event)

  • Wednesday 16th March 2022

Saturday 26th March (online)


Emergency Summit Contributing to Global Peace & Justice

Emmy van Deurzen

Widening the human horizon to go beyond crisis

As the world is gradually plunged into a global existential crisis, not just because of the pandemic, but also in facing potential ecological disaster, a global climate crisis and increasing pressure on international migration, in view of old and new wars, it is vital to understand how our psychotherapy profession can ensure that we tackle the situation in a holistic and considerate manner. In this presentation we shall consider how existential philosophers and therapists are able to make sense of such situations, be they caused by politics, society, personal choice or natural catastrophes. We shall explore the impact of the shattering of our most reliable connections to the world and the loss of meaning that ensues. Then we shall see how we can rise to such limit situations, to shift upwards and find ways to thrive instead of being destroyed by the radical change and global transformation that has become inexorable.


All profits from this event will be donated to the UN Crisis Relief appeal to support the people of Ukraine. You can read more about UN Crisis Relief and make a donation on the following link. (

All of the presenters are donating their time without charge. The event will be hosted by ONLINEVENTS LTD (OE) and OE will be donating all the team time to organise and host the conference. The Eventbrite fees, any sales tax incurred and the cost of using Zoom will be paid from the event income.

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