NSPC Students and Tutors will be presenting at the 2023 SEA Annual Conference

  • Wednesday 1st November 2023

NSPC is pleased to announce that many of our tutors and student are presenting at the SEA conference this year, including:

  • Keynote  Emmy van Deurzen - Planting Existential Acorns 
  • Ruth Millman & Danny van Deurzen Smith - Standing on the edge: Working existentially with queer neurodivergent clients
  • Georgina Dyson-Horton - The Critical Voice; a heuristic enquiry into the experience of hearing a critical inner voice
  • Claire Arnold-Baker - Responsibility for the Other: The heavy burden of care
  • Natalie Fraser - An Exposé of Global Existential Heritage: Decolonising the future of existential philosophies

The broad range of topics and client groups reflects NSPC's belief that we are stronger in diversity, and passionate about helping individuals from all backgrounds to flourish. Although, there has been development in the psychotherapeutic and psychological community at large to better meet the needs and challenges of individuals from minority groups, there is still much work to do. Our talks at the conference will include discussion around how to work in a neuro-affirming, trans and queer positive way, understanding the needs of carers and issues of disability, as well as discussing decolonisation and existential philosophy. For further information about the conference go to https://community.existentialanalysis.org.uk/event/2023-sea-annual-conference-back-to-basics-into-the-future

For further information about how NSPC can support staff, student and clients from diverse backgrounds email [email protected]