NSPC Staff Guest Edit a Special Edition of Self & Society

  • NSPC London
  • Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Dr Claire Arnold-Baker, Course Leader for the DCPsych programme at NSPC and Dr Neil Lamont, previous Course Leader for the DProf and lecturer at NSPC, have guest edited a special edition of the journal - Self & Society - on Existential Therapy. In addition to their articles, Claire writing on Mothers in Society and Neil on Existential Time-Limited Therapy, there were also articles based on research NSPC students have been undertaking. The theme of the issue was existential crisis in society and the NSPC contributions were:

Dr Claire Arnold-Baker ‘The Private-Public Paradox: An existential exploration of mothers in society’

Dr Neil Lamont ‘Time for Another? Experiential accounts of existential time-limited therapy at an HIV counselling service’

Simon Wharne ‘Existential Resilience in Mental Health Care: A hermeneutic phenomenological analysis’

Oana Barnett ‘The Silent Escape: Finding meaning and freedom in the face of totalitarianism and oppression’

Jamil Ahmed ‘Lifeworld Disrupted: Existential perspectives on schizophrenia’

Jacqueline Sewell ‘London is the place for me: The sense of identity and belonging among British Jamaicans in the wake of the Windrush Scandal’

Nancy Hakim Dowek ‘The existential journey of the bi-rooted migrant’


Please do have a look at this edition which showcases some of the varied and topical research that NSPC is involved in. The full reference to the journal is Self & Society: International Journal for Humanistic Psychology: 47(1), 2019.