The relationship between social media use and loneliness: an existential exploration

Publication Date
10th Nov 2020
MSc in Psychotherapy Studies


This study investigates a possible link between social media use and existential loneliness. Firstly, social media use is defined and understood alongside definitions of existential loneliness. Secondly, specific features of existential loneliness are analysed through the work of three existential philosophers: Kierkegaard, Buber and Heidegger. These features of existential loneliness are then linked to recent research on the implications of social media use on our well-being and behaviours, specifically those features found within the experience of existential loneliness. Finally, these links are applied to a clinical setting with suggestions for future research.

Keywords: existentialism, loneliness, existential loneliness, social media, disconnection, disembodiment, functionality, Kierkegaard, Buber, Heidegger