Exploring Boundaries of Existential Coaching

Yannick Jacob
Publication Date
01st Sep 2013
MA in Existential Coaching


The field of coaching has developed a vast range of diversity, a multitude of definitions exist and coaches may adopt various roles during the coaching process. The boundaries between coaching and other talking professions as well as boundaries between different approaches within coaching have become increasingly blurry with many coaches reporting spending considerable supervision time discussing boundaries. As existential coaching is gaining popularity it is important to explore the boundaries to the approach.  This paper reviews and critically engages with the literature on coaching definitions, coaches’ roles and boundaries in order to establish the playing field for existential coaches as well as the value of boundaries. 

Due to the nature of existential philosophy it is suggested that existential coaching has more flexible boundaries than other approaches to coaching. Their flexibility depend on the contract with client, the practitioner’s background, his or her qualifications and an active and ongoing engagement in negotiating professional ethics. Findings lay the foundation for future research..