Bronwen Rees


Research Supervisor


Bronwen Rees, Ph.D, MA Core Process Psychotherapy BA(Hons) French and History, UKCP


Bronwen is currently a UKCP-registered psychotherapist and trainer for Matrix college. Before that she created the Centre for Transformational Management Practice at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge,  where was responsible for setting up the professional doctoral programme and was one of the pioneers in introducing and researching the introduction of mindfulness programmes into business. She supervised several radical Ph.D projects both in the sense of content and methods around issues of managerial control and power, and also many Masters students. She worked particularly in supervising her students in finding new methods for analysing power in the workplace, including projects such ‘ Reflexive Emotive Practitioning’  and one entitled ‘Ontological Inquiry’ – both of which explored introducing new methods into the mainstream. 

As a  psychotherapist  she is interested in exploring new methods of accounting for ( and thereby co-creating) subjective/transpersonal experience – including two papers presented in the last few years at conferences on ‘Holonomic Inquiry’ and ‘Evolutionary Inquiry’. In 2005 she established the East West Sanctuary in Hungary, running workshops and retreats on Buddhism, sustainable economics,  Buddhist and Jungian psychotherapy – bringing together people from around the world to discuss change in various ways. She has a Buddhist reflexive practice of over 25 years. She was external examiner for 4 years for the Karuna Institute in Devon where she trained.   She is an activist and integrator in ideas and action, and is interested particularly now in the interface between the individual and the collective, and the evolving role of  the psychotherapist, and psychotherapeutic theory in bringing about change – with a particular emphasis on  developing deep relationships through embodied practice. 



Research interests


Transpersonal aspects of psychotherapy

The social/existential nature of trauma

Notions of the self and identity

Transformational processes

Consciousness in relationship

Relationship between individual and collective



Mindfulness approaches

East/West syntheses

Developing depth relationship through embodied practices




Discourse analysis

New forms of phenomenological inquiry (Evolutionary inquiry, Ontological Inquiry, Holonomic Inquiry)

Action Research ( Ethical Inquiry)



Bronwen has published widely in areas of power and identity in the workplace, trauma in the police force, gender, mindfulness and Buddhist economics including her Ph.D thesis : ‘The Construction of Management: Competence and Gender Issues at Work’  published by Edward Elgar. A full list of her publications can be found on her webpage, as can several of her talks given throughout the world. She established and edited  the journal Interconnectionsbringing together teams of international writers and activists exploring sustainability and ethics in business.

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