Alja Lah

Therapy, BSc, MSc, DCPsych, UKCP Reg

NSPC Roles
Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary,


[email protected]

I finished a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Existential Psychotherapy at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling in London. Before that I finished BSc and MSc in Psychology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Where I then worked as a research associate and tutor of phenomenological research.


I mostly work online as an Existential psychotherapist with a phenomenological, embodied, emotional and relational way of working. I teach and offer research supervision at NSPC. I am a yoga and mindfulness teacher. I have been leading online embodying research groups.


As a supervisor I offer open and safe space so the supervisee can feel free to explore their life questions, passions and inner knowing that can be a guiding force into research. Together we can come to a greater clarity about their life project and how it can be translated into a research question. I believe a supervisor needs to be a positive support on many levels so the supervisee feels held in order to bring out their best abilities when engaging with their research.

As a therapist I believe it is our embodiment that allows us to deeply discover ourselves and truly meet another in an intimate relationship. When we come in touch and awareness of our emotions, intuitions, dreams we tap into a well of inner resources we have been gifted with. Re-connecting with these resources and integrating all aspects of ourselves is what brings us into alignment and fulfilment from where we can start to flow through life with inspiration, openness and presence. In therapy sessions we tap into, listen and follow your inner knowing, through embodiment, breath, dreams, mindfulness, imagination, connection with the Earth and thus empower you to help yourself and come into a more harmonious way of being.

I am passionate about research of






-breath work,



-trauma therapy

-inner child integration

-psychedelic integration and psychotherapy,


-animal-assisted psychotherapy.


My particular interest is exploring how to provide the space for individuals to become more in touch with their emotional bodies and to learn how to flow through life with openness, presence and awareness.


  • I am experienced in qualitative research, especially in phenomenological research, heuristic research, embodied research, descriptive experience sampling
  • I offer secondary Doctoral Research Supervision and Master’s Research Supervision
  • 3 spots available


  • Publications


Lah, A. (2019). Heuristic Phenomenological research of Embodied Emotional Awareness in Psychotherapy. Paper presented at the 2nd World Congress of Existential Psychotherapy in Buenos Aires and 2019 Annual SEA Conference in London


Lah, A. & Kordeš, U. (2014). One cannot “just ask” about experience. Paper presented at the 17th international Information Society multi-conference; Cognitive sciences, Ljubljana.


Lah, A. (2013). How researching dreams affects the experience of dreams. Paper presented at the 16th international Information Society multi-conference; Cognitive sciences, Ljubljana.


Lah, A. & Kordeš, U. (2013). Dialoguing with dreams – A phenomenological case study. Horizons of Psychology, 21(3), 15-27.


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Kordeš, U., Černigoj, M. & Lah, A. (2011). In-depth qualitative research of behaviour and thinking patterns in relation to media: In-depth portrait of newspaper readers. Institute for Scientific Research, University of Ljubljana.


Kordeš, U., Černigoj, M. & Lah, A. (2011). Media users up close: Research report. Institute for scientific research, University of Ljubljana.


Lah, A. (2011). Dialoguing with dreams – A phenomenological case study. Paper presented at the 28th International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference, the Netherlands.

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