Naomi Stadlen

MA, UKCP Reg, BACP accredited

NSPC Roles
Research Supervisor,
Approved Therapists
I studied Existentialism at the University of Sussex in 1963, perhaps the first British university to offer an existential course. I worked as an occupational therapist at Friern and Claybury Psychiatric Hospitals, and ran discussion groups in both. Later, I qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Counselling, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1991-93. I started my private practice as an Existential Psychotherapist in 1993.I've been teaching at NSPC since 1998.. I was invited to plan the Family Systems course in 2008, and teach it several times a year. I have been a research supervisor at NSPC since 2011. I am available as an academic supervisor for Doctoral (as secondary supervisor) and Masters degrees. My first job was in the Editorial Department of Penguin Education, where I learned copy-editing. It's a useful discipline when preparing academic work. I have also taught Creative Writing for the Workers' Educational Association, 1992-99.I am married to Anthony Stadlen. We have three children and three grandchildren. I have taught Tai Chi to mothers with babies, 2006-10.My three books are: What Mothers Do - especially when it looks like nothing (2004) This has been translated into many languages. How Mothers Love - and how relationships are born (2011) What Mothers Learn - without being taught (2020) Also "The Existential Freedom of Mothers" in The Existential Crisis of Motherhood ed. Claire Arnold-Baker (2021) I am contracted to write a book on grandmothers.In 2000, I learned to leyn and did an adult Bat Mitzvah. I keep the Jewish Sabbath, so I don't email between Friday sundown and Saturday sundown.

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