David Goss

DCPsych, CPsychol, HCPC registered practitioner psychologist

Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary


About Me

Please note I am currently unavailable for Research Supervision or Teaching

I offer doctoral research supervision (secondary) and master’s Research Supervision (primary)

I am currently able to take 1-2 supervisees (supervisees may require evening meeting flexibility)

I have experience supervising undergraduate and master’s student research projects. I currently co-supervise a PhD employed through my own company.

I have published a range of journal articles and a book chapter, all relating to the integration of counselling psychology and neuroscience/neuropsychology.

Following a degree in mechanical engineering (2007) and subsequent work in construction and project management, I changed career, completing an MSc Psychology (2012) and DCounsPsych at University of Manchester (2016).

Within Psychology, I have worked as a lecturer, director of my own company (private practice and organisational consultancy) and currently work in the NHS. I have also been service lead for a neurological charity’s counselling service. My client work covers a wide range of adult mental health and neuropsychology presentations.

Research Interests

Though my research has often involved discussions around neuroscience, I am interested in a wide range of areas relating to human existence and wellbeing. I am particularly interested in areas relating to mind/brain/body discussion, sustainability, socio/economic/political and sports related research. My most recent research has related to the role of projection (psychodynamic theory) in spectating media personas (including parasocial relationships) and I am currently exploring research relating to Zen Buddhism and wellbeing/therapy. I believe each of these topics have connections with existential underpinnings and enjoy integrating wellbeing with a range of philosophical schools.


My primary experience is with qualitative methods, particularly Thematic Analysis and IPA.



Journal Articles

Goss, D. (2015). The importance of incorporating neuroscientific knowledge into counselling

psychology: An introduction to affective neuroscience. Counselling Psychology Review, 30, 52-63.

Goss, D. (2016). Integrating neuroscience into counseling psychology: A systematic review of current

literature. The Counseling Psycholgist, 44, 895-920.

Goss, D., & Parnell, T. A. (2017). Integrating Neuroscience Into Counselling Psychology:

Exploring the Views and Experiences of UK Based Counselling Psychologists. Counselling

Psychology Review, 32(4), 4-17.

Book Contributions

Goss, D. (2017). Working with neuroscience and neuropsychology. In C. Feltham, T. Hanley, &

L. A. Winter (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy (4th ed., pp. 562-566). London:Sage.

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