Chris Hibberd


NSPC Roles
Research Supervisors: Masters and Secondary,


Christopher J Hibberd, MA(Dist), BA(Hons); BACP(Reg); Accredited Mediator A MASTER'S RESEARCH SUPERVISOR for the MA in Psychotherapy Studies and the MSc in Existential Coaching I currently am AVAILABLE to supervise master's students completing the above courses. My qualifications include an MA(Dist) in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regent's University, London, a BA (Hons) in Human Geography from the University of Reading, Mediation accreditation with the London School of Mediation and RSA Level 4 NVQs in Assessment, Verification and Evaluation. I am widely experienced in phenomenologically-oriented existential / integrative therapy, learning and leadership consultancy, training, executive and personal coaching and mediation. My experience encompasses the public (e.g. NHS, local government and UK Sport), charity (e.g. Arthritis Care) and financial and commercial (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Tesco and Specsavers). My client and research interests encompass: Psychotherapy: Adolescents lifespan challenges Impaired parenting and childhood trauma Life-long anxiety and depression Fear and panic Borderline Personality Disorder Fear of isolation and abandonment Resolving disputes in working and personal relationships Coaching: Existential coaching Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Executive coaching Runner / athlete performance Sports psychology Mind / body perspectives Corporate development Organisational values and cultural development Change and transitions Learning strategy and evaluation Leadership / team effectiveness I predominantly view my work through existential, phenomenological and relational lenses, and I am particularly passionate about HEURISTIC, REFLEXIVE AND PHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCH - which framed my MA dissertation as the child of a chaotic mum (diagnosed with borderline personality disorder). A believer in the pluralism stance, I love exploring the contradictions and paradoxes of human existence and how they can be held sympathetically. Amongst other great thinkers, I am a fan of Kierkegaard, Sartre, Yalom, Witmore, Socrates, Gallway, Todres and Wittgenstein. June 2021

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