There is a £50 non-refundable application fee for all courses, to cover administrative costs. An interview with a member of the course staff will only be arranged once this has been received.   

A registration Fee of £150 will be paid when you accept your place on the course. This is non- refundable. 

Once we have offered you a place, we will send you a yearly course plan listing the modules that you will be expected to take over the period up to the next September. You have two weeks to return this to us notifying of any variations that you request.  

One reason for variation may be that you consider that you have studied the topics covered in one or more modules previously, and at the same level (masters, or doctoral level) at which NSPC teaches it. You can apply for exemption from this module or modules by APEL once you start this course. If you are unsure whether your prior learning will count for APEL please discuss this at your interview. You should indicate any modules for which you intend to apply for APEL when you return your yearly course plan. You will not be allocated these modules to study until the APEL claim has been considered. You will be advised during the introductory course how to make an APEL claim. 

 If we do not hear from you, we cannot guarantee that your place will be held. It may not be possible to change your course plan subsequently once you have confirmed it, unless there are extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for you to participate in the teaching set out in the plan.   Nearer the start date agreed with you, we will send you further details of your learning commitments for the forthcoming term and an invoice for these. This invoice must be settled within two weeks of your receiving it, and if it is not, we may deem that you have withdrawn from the course and your place may no longer be available.  

The typical cost of the whole course is shown in the tables above, but the actual cost may be greater if you are required to repeat modules for whatever reason, or if you choose to pay in instalments.  

Fees will be reviewed annually and may be increased to adjust for inflation. NSPC will otherwise only make changes to fees in exceptional circumstances.  

If you request a modification of your course plan when you are sent it before the beginning of each academic year (note that you cannot make changes at other times of the year, except if there are extenuating circumstances), you may reduce the number of modules that you take each term. This flexible approach allows you to spread the cost, if you would prefer to take your modules more slowly. Payment in full for each term's modules must normally be made at least two weeks before the module is due to start. In exceptional circumstances, we may allow this payment to be made in instalments during the term itself. Please contact our bursar ([email protected]) for details.  

Information on grants and other financial support for masters students

The NSPC masters programmes are not currently eligible for Student Loans from the UK government. Below are some links to organisations who have grants or others schemes that may be able to assist with course fees:






•   Possible bursary for psychotherapy students

•   Possible funding for disabled students

You also may be eligible for some of the UK governments other schemes, such as the Adult Dependant Scheme. See the link for more details: