NSPC's reaction to Brexit

  • Existential Academy, London
  • Friday 24th June 2016

NSPC values the internationalism of our student body, and our staff.

No changes in our fees or admission procedures are planned for any students or applicants following the referendum of June 23, mandating that the UK Government to negotiate exit from the European Union.

We do not know if changes will be made to visa regulations in the UK, but the best evidence at the moment is that no changes can be  introduced until the UK and the EU have completed their negotiations about exit.  This is likely to take at least 2 years.  Until then EU law enforces the free movement of all EU citizens to member countries.  

NSPC expects that all Universities and higher education institutions will press the Government not to impede the entry of students into the UK after exit is negotiated.  NSPC will do everything in its power to support any suitably qualified student to study with us, within the limits of current regulations.  NSPC will continue to work with other higher education institutions to press for the Government of the day to foster mobility of students into the UK rather than to restrict it, even after the UK has left the EU.

Emmy van Deurzen (Principal)                      Digby Tantam (Deputy Principal)