Covid 19

  • NSPC London
  • Friday 6th March 2020

Covid 19 is the viral infection caused by a coronavirus.  There have been other outbreaks of coronavirus infections in the recent past.  The SARS outbreak and the MERS outbreak, both caused by coronaviruses, were mainly limited to the Far East and the Middle East,respectively.  No-one knows how widespread infections of this new coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) will be, or how it will be affected by the different climatic conditions in different parts of the world. 

The virus spreads in droplets, and dies when they dry out.  Higher temperatures will reduce spread.  The main source of droplets is from the nose and mouth, and spreads by coughing (a common feature of this infection), sneezing (appears to be less common than say in the common cold), and transferring mucus from the nose or saliva from the mouth onto one’s fingers and then onto someone else, or onto a surface that someone else will touch when it is still wet.  No-one knows if ordinary masks as sold on Amazon will reduce droplet spray but they certainly do not prevent it.

Anyone who has ‘flue-y’ symptoms (feeling generally unwell), persistent fever, or unexplained cough should treat themselves as if they may have, and therefore potentially spread, covid 9 and should ‘self-isolate’.  Don’t be brave and strong and travel in to NSPC.  You can get further advice, including about getting tested and how  likely it is that you have been infected by covid 9 rather than by one of the many other viruses that are common in the UK in cool, wet weather by phoning 111.

There are areas of the world where the virus has spread and is affecting more people. If you have travelled to or from one of these you are at higher risk of having and therefore of spreading the virus.  We ask students from any of these areas (you can check where they are here) not to travel to NSPC unless you have been advised by a health professional that you are not infectious and are not at risk of spreading the virus.  The risky areas are constantly changing and some may develop in the UK itself—but no-one currently knows how far or how fast the virus will spread. So keep checking if you are in doubt.

NSPC and the Existential Academy will monitor the situation and follow Government advice.  We are not at a level of risk that would justify closing the School at the moment.

We will be providing many classes whilst the high risk lasts as webinars or, where there is an equivalent online module, online.  So if you have to self-isolate do let Sasha know by email, and we will send you details of how to access your modules from home.

This, we believe, will work well for theory teaching.  If you are taking a practice module, or you are due to take a practice module and cannot attend because of the risk of infection, please submit an extenuating circumstance form and we will issue a credit note, and schedule you in for the next relevant practice session, once the covid 9 epidemic is over.