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Existential Therapy: Distinctive Features - Book Review

14th Jul '23

Existential Therapy: Distinctive Features

Making Sense of Chaos - Listen to the new podcast from Prof. Emmy van Deurzen

5th Sep '22

Making Sense of Chaos - Listen to the new spotify podcast from Prof. Emmy van Deurzen here

Is Existential Psychotherapy right for you?

22nd Aug '22

Listen to the recent podcast with Claire Arnold-Baker : Discussing anxiety, our own mortality, the choices and meanings we give to our life

World Humanist Day

21st Jun '22

World Humanist Day [21st June] is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on our own worldviews.Written By Elizabeth Young

Pride and Shame

6th Jun '22

Pride and ShameDr Phoebus Ebbini


6th Jun '22

One cannot say everything at once. (R.D. Laing, Preface, The Divided Self)When I was asked to write a piece on “LGBTQ+ issues in therapy”, to be honest, I bristled a bit...

Autistic Joy

28th Mar '22

Learn about Autistic Joy from #actuallyautistic people

Existentialism and Autism

28th Mar '22

A few ponderings on existentialism and autism

World Autism Acceptance Week @ NSPC

28th Mar '22

Celebrate autism acceptance with us at NSPC!

Ukraine fundraiser - Emmy van Deurzen "Widening the human horizon to go beyond crisis" (online event)

16th Mar '22

Ukraine Fundraiser -Emergency Summit Contributing to Global Peace and Justice. All profits from this event will be donated to the UN Crisis Relief appeal to support the people of Ukraine.

Solidarity - A message from NSPC

25th Feb '22

Solidarity- A message from NSPC - Please Read

Intersecting around the edges - loving and loosening my labels

19th Nov '21

Stella Duffy presents on intersectionality and identity.